Dolpo Region

Dolpo region situated between the Tibetan plateau and the Dhaulagiri Himalayan range is the highest inhabited land of Dolpo. Geographically a southern extension of Tibet, it lies within the borders of the state of Nepal, since 1984 has been the country`s largest national park and conservation, the park sustains an abundance of wild life including Musk Deer, Himalayan Blue Sheep and the legendary elusive Snow Leopard, as well as being home to a fascinating race of Tibetan speaking people. The hardy highlanders of Dolpo are traders, exchanging barley for Tibetan rock salt and they take their yaks onto the Tibetan plateau during the summer for grazing.

This area is the legendary "Hidden Land" that for years has been off-limits to outsiders which is at the edge of the Tibetan Plateau. Upper Dolpo has been referred as the last enclave of pure Tibetan culture with the landscape and Buddhist religion of this region more like Tibet in pre Chinese times than of the rest of Nepal. This region has a vast and rugged landscape inhabited by a hardy, enterprising folk who live in some of the highest villages in the world. Upper Dolpo is a culturally Tibetan region in West Nepal and during the course of the trek we will visit many Buddhist and Bönpo (shamanistic pre Buddhist) monasteries.

Till 1996 foreigners were not allowed access to this region so the culture has largely been unaffected by tourism. Of particular interest is Shey Gompa, this is revered as one of most important in Upper Dolpo where twice a year pilgrims make a kora (or circuit) of Crystal Mountain known as a younger brother of Mount Kailash in Tibet.

This area is protected by `Shey Phoksundo National Park` of Nepal. It is situated in the mountain region of Western Nepal covering parts of Dolpo and Mugu Districts. It is established in 1984, it is the largest national park in the country with an area of 3555 Sq. km. The route begins by meandering through pine and cedar forest with views of the massive Dhaualgiri range in the background. It is a long trek and shows us the most beautiful and remote areas of the country.

Our trek into this striking, feral, and crystalline landscape begins as we head north in the massive gorge of the Kali Gandaki. Crossing the Toudje La (18,250 feet) beyond Dhaulagiri we gain access to a world of rugged people and remote monasteries including Dho, Saldang, Shey (Crystal Mountain), and Ringmo on the shores of Phoksumdo Lake. True Himalayan wilderness will be perceived via this exceptional place, which is home to one of the few enclaves of un-oppressed traditional Tibetan culture. En route we pass through the highest and most mind blowing mountains of the world i.e Maachapuchhare, Annapurnas, the Dhaulagiri massif, and the remote Kanjiroba Himal. This trek is considered as the supreme source of pleasure.

  Dolpo Region