We are one amongst the reliable travel and trekking organizer in Nepal, operating from Kathmandu and enjoys a high reputation for providing reliable, personalized, and professional services. The experience of our travel personnel dates well beyond that, to years of leading trips throughout the Nepalese Himalayan belt. We believe that an adventure travel outfit is only as good as its guides. Good equipment, food and guides are what make an outdoor trip an experience to enjoy. We have often been questioned on our reservations and inhibitions to extending our style of travel to other countries like India, Bhutan and Tibet. Again, it all comes down to experience - yours as a traveler and ours as a company. By staying true to our roots in the Himalayas and Asia, we can constantly improve the way we do things, respond to changes and add new ideas. It is experience that has heightened our appreciation of the importance of travel as a force for understanding, tolerance and openness.

For almost a decade we have seen travelers bridging gaps between faiths and cultures and proving thereby that we live in a small world, a world with both constructive similarities and fascinating differences. This was our creed and making travel possible to millions of people was the way we lived out its true meaning. With a small group of fervent guides and professional travel experts, but in each journey we realized that every living organism, ever hill, every mountain and wilderness came forth with the grandeur of its beauty that enlightened the very spirit of the traveler. It was this same enlightenment that lived on with us and provided us the courage to carry on.

Our Mission:
Itís our goal to establish a partnership in travel management with our customers, by listening to unique requirements of each client, helping us deliver highest level of expert advise and value for money and time spent with us.

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